Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to Make Easy Money Online Fast

This is probably the most commonly asked question that beats any other money making question, easily. Money making online is probably the most misunderstood topic simply because everyone thinks that in order to make money online, you must commit long term to see returns. But in reality, there are methods to make money that doesn’t involve long term commitment to see results and still be an effective way in pulling in a few extra hundred dollars every month.

Online Paid Surveys

Online paid surveys will never be counted out as a great way to make money online on the side simply because it is rewarding for the amount of time you put into taking the surveys. Strongly why I emphasize so much about paid surveys is because you are free to express your self and if you enjoy shaping what products, shows, commercials that comes out tomorrow, this can be a great opportunity for you to make money with just your opinion! In other words, you are paid to critique. Compensation for taking EACH paid surveys can range from $1-$7 depending on your age, profession, health, birth, income, and more. It generally takes around 10-40 minutes for each survey. Just beware of other fruadelant paid survey panels who dilute the image of paid surveys because they are scammers that don’t pay their survey takers. Examples of fraudulent survey panels are AWSurvey and Survey Scout. The legitimate panels that we recommend and pay the most that actually do pay, are Synovate and Ipsos I-say.

If you are interesting in knowing more of the legitimate paid survey panels we recommend, click here to get paid to take surveys.

Start Blogging to Make Money

Did you know that I make a living off blogging with this very blog? It is true. Most of my income comes from this very blog you are currently reading. Although blogging is not for everyone as it involves both patience and passion for the topic you are writing about before your blog will really take off, it can prove to be a great source of income if done right. If you are new to blogging and want to understand the concept of it in depth even more, 1 of my very first reads when beginning to learn how to blog for money was Rob Benwell’s ebook, Blogging to the Bank. If you are new to blogging, this is an ebook that you most definitely SHOULD read. The ebook opened my eyes and ultimately changed how I live today. It was probably my most smartest purchase ever when beginning. I cannot believe that I was once hesitant to even buy it because as you may know, when starting out, it can get nerve wrecking spending a bit of money as money was low. But this ebook held true to it’s words and did much more than help me financially, it opened my eyes to how I saw money making on the web. If you ever thought about making money from your computer desktop, blogging is for you.


If you are the type who likes to read something hands on, Susannah Gardner’s Blogging for Dummies is suited for the job. Either one of these reads are great to get you started and going in the new world of blogging to make money. If you are serious about making money from blogging, these purchases should be no biggy. With the helpful information and new world of knowledge these reads can provide, you can be owning your very first virtual real estate that can indeed have the potential to become a great new source of income. If you are passionate about ANY topic, blogging to make money IS an option for you.

writing pen

Consider Writing

Many large user run communities such as,, and, would literally pay passionate bloggers money to simply write about something of their own expertise and field about once a week. What your joining when you are trying to apply for one of them, is a network of writers such as your self where you can read and write with other homemakers such as your self like I once said. Overall, it can be a really exciting journey if you simply love the playing with words and conversing with other homemakers such as your self on topics that are of your interest in probably the world’s most renown professional networks. This can easily pull in an extra $600 every month for passionate writers who are serious about the position. If this sounds like the job fit for you, you can apply right away on topics that matches your field.

Apply for | Apply for

If you are just trying out writing and you don’t want to try out the big guns just yet, consider joining Associated Content as well as Bukisa, and Helium, where they will pay for stunning price worthly articles.

If writing isn’t your style, be a guide for chatting with anouymous people who need help at For more information on the compensation on being a guide and what you have to do in order to become one, click here to learn more.

ShareaSaleConsider Joining Affiliate Programs

Some well known reputable affiliate networks are Commission Junction and ShareaSale. What affiliate marketing typically is, is basically you get compensation for telling or influencing someone else to make a purchase or take action. There are many kinds of compensation when it comes to joining affiliate marketing, such as, CPM, CPA, PPS, and PPC. This way of earning online is great if you hold some authority over a large group of people. Affiliate marketing is typically great for blogs, webmasters, and large network owners such as YouTube activists.

For more information on how to setup your own site with your own domain and make money off it, consider reading our post on How to Make a Website and Make Money Off It.

Join Project Payday

Project Payday

I don’t really want to get into Project Payday, but I’ll give you a nice overview of the program simply because we already made a post dedicated to Project Payday. With Project Payday, you get paid for trying out membership trials and then canceling those trials. The only catch is that you must cancel the membership before the trial ends or else you will be fined for next month. Ideally, you can spit out a couple of $50s a day once you get used to it. It takes a really organized person to fully succeed with the program. Plus, after you cancel a membership, you can still keep whatever leftovers the trial offered. Which means if they gave away a free t-shirt, you can keep it completely free. For more information on our review on Project Payday, view here. Sign ups for the program is of course free by the way.

Consider Logo Designing

There are plenty of opportunities to make money with just logo designing alone if you are a professional logo designer of course. Cash rewards can sum up to just $50 to even $1,000 per contest, however, there can be some really hefty competition ahead. One word of advice from me is that new launched business companies simply love simplicity and nothing that hurts the eye literally. Keep it simple and focus all your skills into one great looking logo because logo designing is all about the look and feel of it. In logo designing, quality wins over quantity, always. One word of advice if you consider logo designing, don’t overdo it, it can really turn business owners off.

Some great free to join networks to consider logo designing are crowdSPRING and 99Designs. Both absolutely free to join of course.

At Home Freelancing

Making money off freelancing is now probably the most typical place job hunters come to seek online opportunities, whether it be to submit e-mails, find opportunities for SEO positions, find new customers, logo designing, coding, software management, anything, freelancing has it all. Freelancing is typically great for job hunters who have experience in coding and know what to do when it comes to delivering customer satisfaction. The more reputable you are and the more effort you put into your work, the more business owners will seek out your work without you having to come to them.

Some great reputable freelance, not all free, sites to consider are,, and Like says, you can be your own boss and work at home with freelance jobs.

Open Up Your Own e-Commerce Storefront

Tired of selling on E-bay and Amazon and paying for those auction entry fees? Opening your own e-Commerce storefront can be your smartest move yet if you got something worthy to sell. Literally, the Internet is in need of more storefronts simply because all the buyers go to Amazon and E-bay. If you got products worth buying, you could be making money and building credibility for your own store brand at the same time. And just getting your store ready to go and set up is only $6/month + the cost of the domain which is only$7.49/year with Godaddy.

Some ideal web hosts that I recommend for starter business owners to use can be found here.

Make Money Online With

MineedsMineed is somewhat relatively new. Simply what is, is a simple place where job hunters and people who needs tasks done, can come together to negotiate a price that is both fair for both sides for doing a certain task. Such as, planning a wedding, web designing, logo designing, almost anything goes. Just posting an ad offering a job to job seekers is absolutely free. Since there will of course be competition, getting a job won’t be so easy. The bid that is generally the cheapest usually wins the job unless you are a reputable member of Mineeds with good user feedback. This system of finding jobs really reminds me of Ebay and I like the concept. Overall it is a great place to find jobs of your expertise, and signing up is absolutely free so you got nothing to lose. Learn how to make money online.